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Practical Chassidus Project - Meet Rochel Schwartz

Rochel works for the staff writing team of and is a Madricha and Extracurricular Program Coordinator at Machon L'Yahadus. She is passionate about the importance of positive thinking and working on our inner selves through the lens of Chassidus. Rochel prides herself on being a relatable listening ear to many and on using the concepts found in Chassidus to help others grow and succeed. She is currently working towards a degree in counseling psychology.

Rochel started the "Practical Chassidus Project" WhatsApp Group last year and grew to a few hundred followers. After a brief break she is continuing to write bi-weekly on the Live and Learn platform. The goal of the project is to explain Chassidus in a manner in which it's practical relevance is apparent. She looks forward to continuing to share her writing with women on the Live and Learn platform.


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