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הינדא גיטל אלטא חי-ה בת עזריא-ל and עזריא-ל בן חיים יצחק

Mashpia Database

For support in choosing a mashpia who's right for you, please email us at

Questions about how mashpia works?

Email us, or call (718) 467-5106 in the evenings.



Chaya Abelsky

A life-long student of personal growth, I’m constantly inspired by the wisdom and courage of my many formal and informal teachers. I have been told to have an uncanny ability to build leaders, happiness, success and deep, lasting satisfaction in life. I believe that effective leadership starts with self-awareness. When people are clear on who they are and the distinct value they deliver, they are then in a better position to leverage their unique talents to inspire, motivate, influence and make change possible.     

(917) 328-7273

Chana Mushka Alevsky-Mishulovin

Topic: Relationships

(203) 887-4876

Ephrat Alon

Topics: Avodas Hashem, simchas hachayim, healthy lifestyle/outlets, chessed

(516) 304-9717

Chava Altein

Topics: Parenting, Shalom Bayis

(347) 386-9758


Goldie Barnett

I am a Special Education teacher. I work with children who need support in the classroom. I love being a part of children’s growth, helping them regulate their emotions and feel safe with the adults around them.  


(646) 221-7676    

Sunday 10-12, Monday-Thursday 2-4

Chaya Benchemhoun

Topics: Personal growth, healthy living, infertility

(347) 404-4113

Elana Bergovoy

Co-founder and president of the Shidduch Group Network, Elana is a shidduch coach, shadchan, freelance writer/editor, teacher, proud mother & Bubby. A self-described “people person,” she is passionate about sharing her love for Torah and mentoring others re: Shidduchim and parenting.        


(773) 984-7299

Rivkah Leah Bernath

Advice on Shalom bayis, Shidduchim


Shaindel Malka Blasberg

I work best with those who strive for a better tomorrow and know that the key to change is in their hand. Comfortable and open to discussing shidduchim, shalom bayis and chinuch.    

(917) 500-9506    

Sunday-Thursday 12-5 pm, evenings 8-9:30 pm.

If I don't answer, you can send a text, or WhatsApp voice note. If I don't respond, feel comfortable to reach out again.


Sara Blau


(347) 407-3601

Mairav Boudjnah

Topics: Taharas Hamishpacha

(619) 519-0985

Rivky Boyarsky

I’m a Kallah teacher, RN and finishing off school to become a midwife. I’m passionate about Yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit, women’s health and especially passionate about how those two interconnect.  


(973) 570-6964    

Batsheva Browd

I live in Crown Heights and am an aspiring shadchan and mother to a big family B"H. I have a strong hiskashrus to the Rebbe and I find every day is a new step in readjusting my expectations of life, and finding joy in the present. There are messes and challenges and triumphs, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.      


(347) 801-3742

Rachel Bruchstat

Mrs. Bruchstat comes from a long time family of Shluchim. She has been working in preschool for many years. She is a mother whose children are B"H married and is a grandmother B"H.

(718) 756 -7106

Available: 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Devorah Bukiet

Topics: Parenting, self growth, role balance, home management, relationships, life transitions

(718) 812-5044



Itty Chazan

Currently teaching middle school at Shaarei Zion. My previous experiences include shlucha in Brazil, principal, camp director, teacher in high school and seminary. My personal passion is maximizing positive self-esteem in adults, teens and married couples.    

(347) 224-8032

Rochel Chanowitz

Any topic

Mobile: 843-321-5103 / Home: 845-794-8633

Chanie Charitonov

(718) 493-2653 (call & leave a message)

Sundays through Wednesdays 7-10pm EST

Chava Cohen

Mrs. Cohen, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother ka"h, is American born, lived in Israel for many years and is currently residing in Crown Heights. She taught in preschool and speaks Hebrew, English and Yiddish.
Mrs. Cohen presented the Rebbe with the Yechi tambourine on Sunday 12 Adar 1 5752, Feb 16, 1992.

(718) 771-4991


Batsheva Drori

Topics: Parenting

(651) 788-1432


Chana Epstein

Chana received a Bracha from the Rebbe 45 yrs ago to be a mashpia specifically for Shalom Bayis.

(516) 295 2537

Available: 1:00 - 7:00 pm


Gitel Chaya Fogel

Topics: Shidduchim


(917) 273-6555


Miriam Gerber

Mrs. Gerber is a shlucha. Advice geared for children 12 and under.

215-852-0277, - Call or email anytime for initial contact

Golda Yehudis Getz


(315) 767-5213

Sheyna Goldin

Topics: Mrs. S Goldin can help guide women with interpersonal relationships and also Chinuch situations

(718) 467-3778

Miriam Goldshmidt

Topics: Personal growth, marriage and parenting

(718) 753-4065

Devorah Leah Gorelik​

Advice on chinuch and special needs children. Parent of a 9 year old ASD child.

(970) 691-6061

Call anytime & leave a message

Dena Gorkin​

Email to set up a time to speak

Chana Gurary​

Mrs. Chana Gurary raised Ka"h a large family and is willing to share her life experience and knowledge with others.


Mornings 10-11am Evenings 8-9:30pm EST



Bracha Halperin

Bracha is empathetic, accepting, caring and non-judgemental, and is passionate about helping people move forward in their lives and make difficult decisions in a manner that’s best suited for them. She works as a NYC-based business consultant and is a former tech COO.    

(718) 844-6169    

Rivka Holtzman

An educator for over 2 decades, mentor for Taharat Hamishpacha and director of a post-seminary girls program, Michlelet Chana, Rivka is passionate about chinuch.    

(917) 763-6484    


Mrs. Tzivia Jacobson

For help and advice on marriage, enhancing relationships, home management, and self-actualization.

(718) 360-7522


Sarah Karmely

Sarah’s expertise is in the field of Shalom Bayis and relationships. A vibrant and enthusiastic speaker and Taharas Hamishpacha teacher, she has been lecturing and counseling for over 20 years.

(917) 770-1664

Chavi Katzman

I love to learn chassidus and empower women to be the best they can be.    

(917) 613-7322

8-10 pm

Chaya Korf

Mrs. Korf has been a Halachah teacher in Bais Rivkah N.Y. for many years.


(718) 774-6632 

Evenings 6-8 pm

Fay Kranz

Topics: Dating and Relationships

(561) 628-8174


Henya Laine

Taharas Hamishpacha instructor and marriage coach

(718) 909-2169

Mirel Laufer

Topic: Chinuch

(646) 671-0490

Ella Lerman

I'm a Curriculum Development Director and teacher in Bais Rivkah High School, and co-director of Mother to Mother. M2M partners mentors, who offer guidance, support and friendship to mothers in our community. Our goal is to empower mothers to create happy, healthy families.

(917) 754-1971    

After 4 pm

Bracha Levertov

(718) 493-0852

Afternoons & Evenings

Rivky Levy

I’m a certified life coach and special education teacher. I enjoy encouraging people to live their life to the fullest! I give a class every Tuesday on Emunah and finding peace in your life.    

(347) 267-9592

Shevy Liberow

Friend, teacher, Mother to Mother mentor.

Practical advice for navigating our many priorities in a non-judgemental, friendly way.

(718) 213-9428

Chaya Lieblich

Mrs. Lieblich comes from a traditional home and became Lubavitch shortly after her marriage. She currently lives in Crown Heights where she moved over 40 years ago. B"H, all her children are married.

(718) 756-6670

after 8:30 pm

Rivkah Lipskier

Mrs. Lipskier is a strong believer that the Rebbe wanted everyone to have a mashpia and that everyone can also be a mashpia. Let's use this strength of the Rebbe to carry this out and bring Moshiach now!

(929) 378-6887



Chanie Merenfeld


(718) 755-1338

Miki Mochkin


(631) 530-7945

Chaya Pellin

Topics: Personal Growth, Torah, and Art

(718) 249-6647

Rivky Perl

Topics: Relationships, Role Balance, Self-growth, Home Management, Life Transitions

(718) 864-5513

Devorah Leah Pil

Topics: Parenting

(718) 316-1471

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Goldie Plotkin

Goldie is a mother of a large family ka"h, and raised a child with special needs. She is a life and marriage coach and gives many classes to women on all subjects, specifically about Shalom Bayis. She has BH married children and several einiklach ka"h. She has also been a pre-school director for over 35 years.


Chana Rabkin

My first Mashpia was my beloved and wise mother ob’m. She had far from an easy existence from birth to her untimely passing, but what she instilled in me was this fierce Emunah that everything is from Hashem, nothing happens without a reason. Always laughing, she took what life gave her and served Hashem with love.

(917) 757-7519

Monday and Thursday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sarah Raskin​

Any topic

(438) 764-5087

Sundays 7:30-9:30pm, Thursdays 9-11pm EST

Ettie Refson​

Shlucha & Bubby

Home: 011 44-11-323-70360 or WhatsApp +44 771-783-4689

Between 7-10 pm (Leeds, England)

Lyat Ronan

Topics: Marriage, Avodas Hashem, personal growth, Moshiach

(954) 607-0187

Chaya B Rubin

Topics Shalom Bayis, fertility, anger management

(646) 545-1228



Zohar Sasson


Topic: Life after loss

(646) 538-3414

Chaya Mushka Silberberg

Anat Baniel feldenkrais student practitioner. Teaches movement classes at Bnos Chomesh. Enjoys connecting to people. Guides to true self-peace, joy and inner connection.    

(347) 218-1333    

Daytime until 4 pm

Tzippy Simpson

Mother of a large family B"H, beloved BRHS teacher, life coach.    

(917) 592-7672    

Best to send a text or WhatsApp first

Danit Shusterman


(917) 968-7932

Amanda (Sarah Rivah) Spiro

I am a kallah teacher and mikveh attendant. I am dedicated to sharing my passion for the mikveh and the mitzvah of family purity with others. I also travel and tell the story of my battle with cancer and journey to Yiddishkeit "Body Challenged, Soul Redeemed."    

(514) 262-8708 (Canada)    

Daytime hours 

Mrs. Shterna Spritzer

Teacher, Counselor, and Listening Friend  


Home: 718-467-5106    

5-7 pm or 9-10 pm

Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov

Topics: Simcha and Growth 

(347) 228-2907


Devorah Tamir

Topics: Health and Healthy Relationships

(347) 856-4187

Devorie Tzeitlin

Topics: Parenting, home economics

(347) 683-8753

Dina Tzfasman

Topics: Mrs. Tzfasman – originally from Italy, learned in France from the age 14, for 5 years. After teaching in Italy for a year, she came to N.Y. where she married and raised a family B"H.

(718) 774-2986


Chani Vaisfiche

I am an assistant teacher in elementary school, but my main occupation is being a loving, happy wife and mother to my growing family B"H. I'm passionate about each woman finding their joy in marriage and parenting based on the Rebbe's teachings.

(347) 237-6688


Doba Webb

I teach 8th-grade Chumash. I am passionate about empowering others to create a personal and genuine connection to the Rebbe and Hashem. Hashem is our source of strength, life, and all we have, and is our ultimate resource. The greatest strength in affecting and inspiring others is when we work on ourselves.        


(347) 623-6546

Hadassa Werner

Mrs. Hadassah Werner has been involved in Chinuch for over 30 years. She served as principal of Bais Chaya Mushka High School in Detroit, taught elementary and high school grades in various schools and currently serves as the Hebrew Principal of Bnos Menachem High School.

(248) 895-8103

Mussy Wilhelm

For a practical, hands-on approach to living a chassidishe life according to the standards set forth by our Rebbe.    

(347) 421-6854


Rivky Yarmush

Topics: Chinuch


(905) 881-2437 (home)

Miriam Yerushalmi

Miriam holds an MS in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling. She is a counselor, author, and educator. She writes regularly for, Table For Five, has two YouTube channels for adults and kids as well as over 1000 classes both on TorahAnytime and Torah Cafe. Miriam has authored five adult books, a “Reaching New Heights” self-help series (,  and over 30 children's books.    

(646) 243-0842


Mazal Zirkind


Topics: Ruchnius growth

(347) 268-9950

Available: Leave a msg and she'll call back after 8pm

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