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True Happiness, a Sixth Grader's Perspective

by Rivka Wiener, sixth grader at Cheder Chabad of Monsey; winner of class writing contest on the topic "What is true happiness?"

Let’s be real. When you were five years old, candy was the world to you, because candy made you happy and hyper. But that excitement over candy soon passed as you got older.

When you were ten, bikes with fancy accessories were the trend. So what made you happy? Bikes with fancy accessories!

You see, as you get older, the things that make you happy change. There are still trends. A girl can be really sad if she doesn’t have a certain sparkly scrunchie that’s in style. When she gets it, she’s delighted! But soon enough, the sparkly scrunchies are out of style, and the girl throws it in the trash bin. What happened? Wasn’t the scrunchie supposed to make her happy?

This scenario happens all the time. Not always with the sparkly scrunchie, but you get the idea. Things don’t make you happy. Why? Because every so often they change! Something that really does make you happy will never ever change.

Something that really does make you happy will never ever change.

Can’t think of anything that makes you truly happy? Well, happiness doesn’t come in a gorgeous blue gift box, tied with a gold ribbon. Sorry folks, but you won’t be getting that gift from Amazon delivered to your doorstep any time soon.

Happiness is in your head. It’s your attitude; it’s your mindset. It’s not something that you can touch or feel. But, it’s still there.

When a person chooses to think positively, and focus on the good in life, he is experiencing true happiness. Someone who experiences this often will most likely not be so down and sad when they don’t get what they desire or when they go through hard times.

You might wonder, “How do people do that?”

Here’s how.

  • Instead of thinking thoughts like, “I really want a new shell... And I don’t have enough Shabbos dresses. I need more…”, they think, “Wow! I am so lucky to have all of these clothes. Look in my closet, I have just enough.”

  • Be a bit more grateful, honey. Take that extra second to say thank you to your mom. She did make your supper. You’ll feel so good. I’ve tried it!

  • When you actually put that effort into your assignments and projects, it’s really satisfying to look over your hard work. I feel great when I do.

Once there was a study done, and the results of it were that people who experience true happiness often live longer lives!

How many pros are there to experiencing true happiness? Too many to count. But that’s a good thing.

To finish my essay, focus on what you do have and all the positive things in your life.

When you do this:

  • You’ll be much happier.

  • You’ll end up with satisfying work.

  • You’ll be spending much less money trying to buy happiness.

  • And, you’ll have a longer life!

Goodbye folks, and stay true to your happiness!


Dedicated by Live and Learn CH in loving memory of Hadassah bas yblch"t Schneur Zalman, a sensitive, friendly and playful girl who spread warmth and happiness wherever she went.


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