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Our Mission

Our goal is to connect you to learning and inspiration available for women in Crown Heights.

“I wanted to go to a farbrengen on Yud Shvat, but didn’t get any forwards on WhatsApp. I didn’t know where else to look, so I just stayed home.”

On any given night, there are many events happening in Crown Heights, but finding out about them is easier said than done.


Situations like these were all too common. Speaking to friends, relatives, and co-workers, it seemed like everyone had experienced the frustration at some point.

We needed a solution: one central location with information on all community events, shiurim and farbrengens for women. Enter Live and Learn CH.


Find a shiur on the community Calendar | Learn more with our Resources | Listen to shiurim Audios | Read practical inspiration on our Blogs | Contribute and support your community

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Our Team


Bracha and Faigy, Founders & Directors, Website

Esther Rochel, Communications

Mushka, Calendar


Live and Learn CH is dedicated l'zchus a continued refuah sheleima for Alta Shaina bas Chaya Mushka


A project of N'shei Chabad Crown Heights

“Sometimes it’s too hectic to get out of the house. I’d love to join a shiur on the phone, if only I could find one!”

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