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Feeling Whole

Being whole is our natural state. It's only when external voices enter our minds; foolish, illiterate, uneducated voices that tell us to do something antithetical to our soul's inner wholeness, that we sometimes succumb. But that voice is not from inside. Learning to recognize it, to call it out in the act, is the key to maintaining spiritual equilibrium.

Our true self wants to be whole; wants to be in touch with our Creator, wants to feel it's mission. It wants the communication line to be open; it wants a lifestyle in which one is treasured, comforted, cherished and heard. It yearns for its connection to G-dliness to be real.

It's only the childish, pleasure-seeking voice that says otherwise.

To be spiritually in-tune, we don't need to break anything. We don't need to barrage ourselves with guilt and abuse. We don't need to twist ourselves into a pretzel or force ourselves to feel something. We just need to recognize which voices are our own, and which aren't. We just need to be in line with our true selves.

There is no need to break ourselves when we are in fact, innately whole.

Based on the Sichos of the 2nd Night of Pesach, 5720 לעילוי נשמת נחמה בת אברהם יעקב

Rochel works for the staff writing team of and is a Madricha and Extracurricular Program Coordinator at Machon L'Yahadus. She is passionate about the importance of positive thinking and working on our inner selves through the lens of Chassidus.


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