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Your Superpower

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Sponsored lizchus refuah sheleima l'Inna bas Dina.

Sometimes we allow history to repeat itself, and we enter our own Egypts.

Image walking past a crying stranger. Sure, the possibility of stopping to help flits through your mind. But many other thoughts come too.

“This is not me.”

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not enough”

These thoughts and sentiments, shared by many, are debilitating. They limit who we are. They define our circumstances. They create a designated path, often to nowhere.

The Egypts we inflict upon ourselves control us when we let the Pharoahs in our minds dominate. The narratives we write for ourselves create the stories of our lives—our destinies.

Mitzrayim isn’t merely a city; it is a mentality.

How often do we find ourselves limiting our abilities or thinking destructive thoughts that do not hold weight? How often do we confine ourselves to a routine, leaving no space for improvement?

Often, we are stuck in a fixed mindset. We are unable to fathom stepping out of the parameters we have delineated for ourselves.

As experts in self-validation, we often claim, “A prisoner cannot free himself.” How can I possibly rise above the discomfort?

There’s a reason self-help is all the rage . . . because the Torah called it first. As the Jews left Egypt, they left behind the “stuck” mentality. Leaving the land promoted the Jewish people into beings that can help themselves. Instead of depending on external sources, we can initiate change ourselves.

It’s time we recognize our superpowers.

Each of us can redeem ourselves from our constraints when we recognize our supra-natural abilities. We are finite beings with an element of infinity. We are humans with flaws and limitations, but many of them are self-imposed. Open your mind to growth, and step out of your confines.

Change the story.

“I wasn’t comfortable approaching a stranger, but she looked like she needed a listening ear. I mustered the courage, and asked her how she’s doing.”

When we tap into our superpowers, we can rewrite our narratives.


Chaya Silver is passionate about continuously learning and finding meaning in the mundane.


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